Leave your skin glowing with this premium bleaching treatment.

Face and neck

Bleaching your face and neck is often an underrated gift from the beauty industry. Although, some products use harmful chemicals to lighten the skin-tone on dark spots, when used natural products, such found at our spa and salons, one doesnít have to think twice before getting a neck and face bleach.


Full back

Bleaching your back is a good idea, especially when you have those dark, brown/black spots that make you feel insecure. Our spa and salon services provide an exclusive range of bleaching full back to ascertain the perfect evened out skin tone.


full hands

Hands are beautiful assets that one cannot help but admire. They are graceful, efficient and helpful. Itís important to give your hands the attention that they deserve by making them look their best with a full hands bleaching session


half back

Bleaching your back is always a good idea as it helps you reduce dark spots, excess tanning and helps evening out the skin tone.


Half hands

Your hands are the most precious parts of your body and they always deserve the extra attention. Your hands are the most used part of your body when it comes to any physical activity. Thereís nothing wrong in treating them right.


full body

Bleaching services at O2 are gentle and skin friendly and is a fast and effective method to de-tan. It is also an easy and painless way to battle the dullness of the skin brought by pollution and UV rays. Bleaching brings in the added glow and makes you feel fresh and fair. Our bleaching services are done by professional aesthetician, which does not change skin texture or cause harm to the skin.